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New England is a region comprised of 6 states in the northeastern United States and it is made for fall season. Not only the landscape tells you it is autumn but every activity, store and food will let you know. 

In my opinion, New England is a must to visit in this season and if you’re going to visit, you should choose the best spots. 

But before you plan what to visit, It’s important to know that foliage conditions vary each year, due to weather conditions and other factors. However, in general, you can expect to see fall foliage from early/mid-September through the end of October. Peak foliage -when the leaves are at their best- typically hits in October. 

If you are planning to visit different states I would consider starting from north to south following the foliage peak, that happens before in the north and later in the south.

There are pages that offer you a map with the evolution like

Keep reading to know more about the places I have enjoyed.

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