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Foliage peak

If you are a fall lover you probably know about Vermont by now. Vermont is a small state in the New England region and it is very famous for its colorful fall.

In early and mid-October, Vermont is the autumn version of a winter wonderland. The Foliage is so bright you can’t really capture it in photos, the weather is perfectly chilly, and tons of seasonal foods such as cider, maple syrup and pumpkins, among others, are sold in all their versions in the picturesque towns.

We spent most of our drive along Route 100, but the landscape and fall colors are so fantastic that every road has postcard-worthy views.


A scenic route is a specially designated road that travels through an area of natural or cultural beauty.


Running along the eastern edge of the

Green Mountains, the Scenic Route 100

is located in south-central Vermont.

Known as one of the most scenic drives

in New England and as “Vermont’s

Main Street” and “The Skier’s Highway” 

Along the way you won't only see the

most beautiful foliage but its quaint

mountain villages, lakes, rivers 

and secret back roads. At 216.6 miles,

it is Vermont’s longest state highway,

and it’s also one of the prettiest. So,

get yourself a warm drink, play your

favorite moody playlist and

let's start this roundtrip!

Here's my plan for a perfect weekend.



Driving north up to Route 100 you will find this adorable little town where I recommend stopping at the Warren store -a small local general store- and seeing the first covered bridge of many you will see. 

But, before visiting all of these, if you are coming from south, stop at the Warren Falls. These natural pools surprised me! You will find them only a couple minutes away from the parking lot and they are absolutely gorgeous! 

Warren falls
warren falls



Cider in New England is the official drink of autumn and therefore you have to visit a cider mill.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside in the Green Mountains, you’ll feel like you’re officially in Vermont at this Cider Mill.


The place does not only offer you cider but tons of local products too.

On the back of the mill, you can see how they make the cider, and have a little taster station to try the fresh cider. In case you are not a fan of fresh cider - I could not understand why but different strokes for different folks- they have as well hard cider and hot cider!

Of course we also happened to pick up a dozen doughnuts and a pack of hard cider for the day, which were amazing.

Check out the store and buy local maple syrup, cider jam, and more seasonal products.

Even though Cider Mills are the best place to hace cider and cider donuts, you can find them almost everywhere.

Hard cider and cider donuts
Creamed honey
cider jelly
maple caramel
maple syrup



Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state. These bridges were designed to have roofs for a main reason, to protect the structure from the weather. The design and construction of these covered bridges embody the sentiment. Sometimes you’ll hear them called “kissing bridges” because lovers lingered while passing through.


The Gold Brook or Emily's Bridge,in Stowe, has an impression of darkness coming from the walnut-stained gable-ends, but there is also a dark side to the bridge's history. For this is Emily's Bridge, haunted by a locally famous ghost.

Many stories have been told about why poor Emily does not rest in peace. The most popular legend tell us that in the middle 1800s, Emily, a farmer's daughter, was deserted by her lover. Despairing and, sadly, she hung herself in the bridge.

Her ghost has been seen on moonlit midsummer nights, wandering through the bridge waiting for her man.

Perfect visit in this Halloween month!

covered bridge



Stowe is a postcard picture of New England quaintness. A place to enjoy the fall. From scenic drives to breweries, cider mills and mountains covered in colors.

The town itself could not be any more charming, plenty of local stores, activities and beautiful architecture.



This Forest reserve located close to Stowe is worth it a visit. Epic views, hikes, skiing in winter and gorgeous colors in fall.

state forest


Coming back south to Killington, where we stayed, we found this little town. Sitting at the center of the Mad River Valley along scenic Route 100, Waitsfield provides with a romantic vision of a small American town.

Sit near the river under the trees with the leaves falling on you, with your cider and cider donut and enjoy the river, the covered bridge and the colorful mountains.

Mad river
donuts lovers
hard cider and donuts

Torpedo and I looking at the donuts like...

art gallery


It is cold outside, so I got a Maple Latte-premium espresso, steamed milk (or non-dairy substitute) and your choice of light or dark red oak single-estate certified organic maple syrup- and hit the road down south!

Our first stop is at Woodward Reservoir, Plymouth, a beautiful lake surrounded by woods and mountain peaks,

By the way, have you ever asked yourself why there is mist over a lake?

It happens as a result of the cold air from the mountain going down and meeting the still warm water from the summer. This combination creates such a beautiful view.

maple latte


I would describe this town as 'cozy stores and old-fashioned holiday shopping'.

Travel back in time visiting The Vermont Country Store, to find children’s toys, maple syrup and traditional foods and goods.

Named a 2016 Yankee Editors’ Pick for “Best Country Store.”


You can judge by the pictures!

The Vermont country store
Village christmas
post office


To get to our next destination we got across the Green Mountains on the east-west highway, passing by the Magic Mountain Ski Area. The Route, as most of Vermont's is beautiful but at the point you pass by the ski area, the views over the mountains are amazing.

Route 11
route 11


The small but trendy town of Manchester has become popular for every season. Not only the quintessential downtown but the ski area in winter and the hiking in summer and fall.

In fall, grab your hot cider and enjoy a walk inside this alive painting called Manchester.

hot cider
autumn road

This itinerary includes the places we visited and things we did during our road trip. I hope you enjoyed and found some tips for future visits to Vermont. However, Vermont has much more to offer, such as hikes, breweries and activities. Explore and let me know about your experience!

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