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If you have read the previous posts of Australia you already know that in January 2017 I decided to spend a year as an English student in this wonderful city. If you did not know ... What are you waiting for to read them?!

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia, and in my opinion, one of the best cities. Why?

The main reasons are:

  1. There are so many cultural options that you won't know which ones to choose.

  2. If you like sports, everyone practices them here.

  3. There are suburbs of all styles and for all tastes.

  4. It has been named the best city in the world to live in for several consecutive years, there must be a reason!

  5. It has 4million inhabitants but the city center can be explored walking and except for the peak hours, you do not feel stressed like in other large cities.

  6. What do you want to eat? You can choose any type of food you want, you will find it.

  7. A few tram stops and you have the St. Kilda beach.If you want something more 'natural' and / or surf you will find it on the Great Ocean Road.

  8. Do you like coffee? In Melbourne coffee is a religion, and it is almost impossible to find a bad one.

  9. The tram at the CBD (downtown) is free!

  10. This last one is not that good because in one day you can live the 4 seasons... at least it will be fun!

If you are thinking of going to live in the city and want more info, contact me!

      What to see and do in Melbourne

  • PUBLIC ART​: ​

    • The whole city: If you have time, get lost in its streets and you will find murals and graffitis.

      • Hosier Lane: This street is in CBD and it is the open museum of the city. Street artists paint their art on this street for more than a decade.

      • ACDC lane: The rock street of the city, dedicated to the Australian band.

      • Blender lane: During the summer you can buy jewelry and craft.


    • Degraves street:​ Tiny pedestrian street full of cafes and restaurants.

    • Centre place: Next to the Degraves street another small pedestrian street shelters boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

  • FLINDER STATION AND FEDERATION SQUARE:  Melbourne Central Station is one of the busiest and photographed building by tourists. If a local tells you 'I'll meet you under the clocks' it means there, under the clocks. In the surroundings of the beautiful geometry of Federation Square, there are buildings, restaurants, churches and green spaces. On sunny days you will see many people lying around enjoying it.

  • DISCOVER THE CITY: Tram 35, one of the oldest in the city, will allow you to see the city for free.

  • STATE LIBRARY VICTORIA:  Founded in 1856, this huge library is worth a visit to appreciate its architecture, especially its octagonal room. In addition it usually has exhibitions.

  • ACMI (AUSTRALIAN CENTRE FOR THE MOVING IMAGE):  El ACMI is a Museum in the Federation Square area that offers audiovisual art exhibitions. The best are the interactive exhibits where you will not be able to stop playing.

  • SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE:  Building created for the tribute to the fallen in the wars in which Australia has participated throughout its history, mainly in the first and second world war. Apart from being very beautiful, the city views are worthy.

  • ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN: Right next to the Shrine of Remembrance this wonderful botanical garden is reputed to be the most beautiful in Australia. It has more than 10,000 species of plants, lakes, walks ... the perfect place to escape from the city. Throughout the year, especially in summer there are events, including the concert of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

  • THE BLOCK ARCADE: It is a beautiful luxury gallery that is worth seeing even if you, like me cannot buy anything. There is a tea shop called Hopetoun that although it is a bit pretentious can be a nice way to spend the afternoon. . Don't you even think about going on the weekend because it be very crowded.

  • NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA: The contemporary art museum of the state of Victoria besides being wonderful is totally free! Do not miss it.

  • MELBOURNE MUSEUM: The museum of natural and cultural history. I especially recommend the exhibition Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Center dedicated to aboriginal people.

  • QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET:  Markets are always a safe bet, so visiting the Queen Victoria Market should be on your list of things to see in Melbourne. Built in 1878, Queen Victoria has become a gastronomic reference of the city. Apart from eating you can also shop and enjoy free shows. If you can, make sure you go on Wednesday to the Night Market.

  • EUREKA TOWER: If you are one of those who likes heights and views, do not miss it. Being currently the tallest building in the city at 297m, it offers you a panoramic view of the city.

  • CARLTON GARDENS: One of the beautiful gardens of the city - the Fitzroy gardens are also worth a visit - in which is the Royal Exhibition Building, a beautiful building that is used as an exhibition hall. Every year in August, for several days they celebrate White night where they iluminate buildings, have performances, food, etc. 

  • ROOFTOPS: In Melbourne they are very fond of outdoor activities in general, and as expected they love rooftops. There are many to choose from so I have decided to give you three different alternatives and if you have more time, explore more!

    • ​​​Naked for Satan: Located in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, one of the most hipsters neighborhoods in the city.

    • Rooftop bar: Located in the city center on Swanston St, during the summer months it offers an outdoor cinema. What better than a good movie, a drink and the view of the city?

    • The Lui Bar: Technically it is not a rooftop but this bar, located on the 55th floor of the Rialto hotel on Collins st, has spectacular panoramic views of the city. This would be the most expensive option (which has a dress code).

  • BARBIES (BBQ) : How you probably already know, Aussies have a special slang.If you are invited to a 'barbie' they are talking about a barbecue! And as I said before, they love outdoor activities. So join a barbie on a rooftop, park or anywhere suitable for it.

  • MUSIC: One of my favorite activities, and free, is music in the streets. Almost every day, through different areas of the city, you will find singers that liven up the days and nights of the city. My favorite spot: in front of the H&M, Bourke st.

  • EVENTS: Melbourne is a cultural city and as such celebrates major events every year like the Australian Tennis Open or the Formula 1. Find out all of them through the link.​ Some of the ones I enjoyed:


WHITE NIGHT: Melbourne lights up in August.

CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Since Christmas in Australia takes place during the summer, many places celebrate a second Christmas in July when winter invites for it.

           Sovereign Hill/Ballarat

FOOTY: The australian sport.

FESTIVALS: During summer there are many.

MUSICALS: I enjoyed Aladín 

  • ST KILDA: The busiest neighborhood during the summer is famous for having the closest beach to the city, for its bars, restaurants and festivals.

    • Luna Park: ​Amusement park open since 1912.

    • St Kilda beach: It is not one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia but its sunsets with the city in the background are a sight not to be missed.

    • St Kilda market: Every Sunday.

    • Veg Out Farmers Market: A garden and community garden that is carried out by volunteers.

    • Catana gadens: Perfect for a barbie accompanied by the sea breeze.

    • Blue penguins: These tiny penguins - about 40 cm - show up every evening on the rocks of the pier, St. Kilda Pier.

  • BRIGHTON BATHING BOXES: One of the most famous beaches in Melbourne where you will find 82 multi-colored beach huts along the beach.

  • PINK LAKE: In the lake of Westgate Park when summer comes and temperatures rise, the water becomes particularly salty. But not only salt gives the pink color, but the mixture of high salinity, type of salt and correct organisms, Giving rise to this.

  • WILLIAMSTOWN: First port settlement in Melbourne, full of maritime museums and colonial landmarks, such as the Timeball Tower and the Fort Gellibrand. Yachts and large ships are mixed in the Gem Pier. P.s. Beautiful views of the city skyline.

  • CHOCOLATE: I am the number 1 fan of chocolate - probably just like you - I will tell you my favorite places to get fed up.

    • Yarra Valley Chocolaterie: ​A beautiful place in the middle of the Yarra Valley where you can try all kinds of chocolates.

    • Ganache Chocolate: In downtown, black chocolate with chili and the white one can not be missed.

  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS: The best thing about visiting or living in a new country is the opportunity to meet different and wonderful people. Make new friends and enjoy the city with them.

    • Ways to meet people: Couchsurfing, Language exchange, bars, activities, etc.

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