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Four Brothers is a unique drive-in style theatre located in the quaint town of Amenia, NY.  A whole American summer night experience.

When you pull in with your car the first thing you see is a small booth where a nice girl explained the whole experience and where you can pay for your movie night, or for two movies, there is a double feature!


After parking our car to later see the first movie at 8:30pm, we go straight to the quick-serve shack spot stocked with classic drive-in eats like hotdogs, burgers and milkshakes.

Next to it a mini golf course, and for who wants to enjoy for a bit longer, Four Brothers has space for camping and a rentable, vintage Hotel Caravana.

After eating a hot dog- I don’t remember when was last time I ate a hot dog- and taking pictures of every single detail we head up with our snacks to the space filled with lined up cars in front of the screen, headlights off, radios on and tuned in.

The classic drive-in theatre experience.

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