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10 Unique things to The States

Here are 10 things I have gotten used to but are not normal to me.

P.s. This is a satire, I love you America.

Marshmallow and sweet potatoes

This is one of the weirdest dishes I have ever seen. what is this? is it a side dish or a dessert?

And yes, there is no trick, this is marshmallow over sweet potatoes.

The bread

why? why? why is the bread so sweet?!!!!

America and aliens

Are you from another country? you are an alien! literally! before you get your residence you have an alien number. 

This is applicable to when you tell people you are from another country, they think we are coming from a different planet.

Where is the metric system?

Feet, inches, ounces, pounds... I do not know how much I am getting at the supermarket!

Taxes and tips

Never believe the price you see! it is a lie! when you are going to pay the taxes are going to be added and if there was a service you have to add a tip!

 Excessive Patriotism

Do you really need to carry your flag on your car?

The entrée

The way they call the main course

Air conditioner obsession

They are afraid of sweating. Did you say it is not freezing outside? let's crank up the air conditioner!

Food size

Everything is huge! can I have a smaller milkshake please?


Do you need to withdraw money but you are in pajamas? Do not worry! Drive-thru!

Obviously there are many more, but these are things that I find very funny. Anything else to add? Tell me in the comments.

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