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Road Trip

A journey through deep Australia

On October 10th, 2017, in a van with 4 girls singing, we left Melbourne on our way to Adelaide where our road trip begins. 

10,000 km route through the Outback - central Australia - to north to end in the east. Not an easy trip, but without a doubt it, worth it.

Keep reading to find out why.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a small and curious city located north of South Australia. Most of its inhabitants live underground, in old mines that were rehabilitated to protect themselves from high temperatures. Apart from this unique fact, it is known as the opal world capital.

What to see?

  • Desert cave hotel: The only underground hotel in the world.

  • Old Timers mine: An original mine from 1916.

  • Iglesia Ortodoxa Built in a cave.

  • Desert

  • Underground Books: Bookstore 

  • The Big Winch Scenic View Cafe & Opal Shop: Buy some opal pieces and enjoy the 360 ​​degree views.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Better known as Uluru and Las Olgas, it is a sacred place for aborigines. The Anangu tribe has been in charge of guarding these lands for hundreds of years and are currently in charge of managing the park.

Uluru- Kata Tjuta is in the middle of nowhere and that is why many people decide not to visit it.  It is a hard and long journey through the Outback - remote and semi-arid interior of Australia.

If you want to go by road from the south, like us, it is approximately 8 hours from Coober Pedy. The most popular option is to fly to Ayers Rock and 20 minutes by road.

Despite what I just told you, I assure you that you should visit it.

We arrived the afternoon of October 13th and went straight to Las Olgas (Kata Tjuta) to make a short 1 hour hike through the valley of the winds to the Karingana lookout.

If you ever watched the cartoon movie "The land before time" you probably will remember the moment when littlefoot found it. That was my feeling after hours and hours in a semi-arid area, with nothing to observe and suddenly ... 

Sunrise at Uluru.

Uluru. (in aboriginal language) also known as Ayers Rock is a huge 348m monolith of reddish sandstone that rises over the great plain of the outback.

A fact to keep in mind when you admire it is that the big rock only shows a small part of what it really is since hidden underground extends another 2.5 kilometers.