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My Fairy Tale Love Story

The unexpected trip of my life

Our song

I have always considered life as an adventure, a relatively short experience that you don't know when will end, but it will, that I want to feel and enjoy to the fullest.

The last past years I have dedicated myself to travel, to meet new cultures and to visit some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet; Always thinking about the next destination without any type of attachment. But as we all well know, life does not give us exactly what we ask for but what she wants; And so, this story begins...


On May 2019 I was in Dublin visiting my friend Estefanía when I decided to make an unexpected trip to Iceland (POST) that would change my life.


After my return from Chile (POST) Estefanía had moved to Dublin and I was considering going with her; an opportunity to improve my English and live for a short period in another country. But after spending two weeks in the city I was not very convinced; That's when I said: I'm going to take a short trip to clear my mind and make decisions. I opened my Skyscanner app and looked for cheap flights, and there it was, Iceland, an unfulfilled dream.


After a day of doubts about going or not going, looking for people on Couchsurfing to travel with, I found Janine. This nice German girl already had the whole trip organized with two other girls, Lera (Russia) and Elena (Lithuania), and they were looking for another person to complete the group. This was perfect! I bought the tickets and a few days later I was discovering southern Iceland.


At the beginning of the trip Janine commented that initially an American guy was about to join them but that he decided not to do it - Thanks to that I joined them - because there were some legs of the trip that did not fit with his plans, but that later he would join us in the last part of the tour. So it was; On the night of Thursday, May 9th, Tom came into our hotel room in Borgarnes loaded with bottles of alcohol and with a face that said: I hope these 4 strangers do not try to kill me. After eating some improvised burritos - We had a shortage of supplies and money - and tasting some of the typical liquors of the country, Tom confirmed to himself that we were not crazy or dangerous and we decided to discover Snæfellsnes Peninsula the next day all together.

The following days we enjoyed Tom's company discovering new places until our farewell on Sunday the 12th in Reykjavik.


In that short period of time we spent together in the land of ice and fire nothing happened between Tom and I but we both felt a special 'good vibe' and we kept in touch through social media.

One day I told Tom my doubts about going to Dublin, I wanted to go to an English-speaking country but I was not completely convinced about Ireland and he half joking half seriously told me: Here we have a spare room if you want to come.

The joke ended up being a very interesting option for me, I would spend 2 months in direct contact with the culture and I already had a friend in the place.

That's how on June 19th I landed in New York.


On June 20th, what some of our friends already predicted except Tom and I, after a few beers, kissed.


After spending the best summer of our lives together, a couple of weeks before my return home; the question: Tom, is this a summer love or something else?

We realized that it was not something temporary, that what we were feeling was real, that we wanted to spend more time together.

I came back in September to attend to a wedding, and in October we planned a trip together to Europe.

After this trip to Budapest, The Canaries and Madrid, we had to face the music, what now?


That's when we decided the next step. I was granted a working visa in Canada that I was about to use in April and I had like 6 months with no plans.

I asked for a 6 months visitor visa to The States, with the idea of enjoying and traveling together before my trip to Canada.

But how I said at the beginning, life never happens how you plan it.

On February 13th 2020, we were on a roadtrip across the West coast (POST) when Tom asked me to marry him.

This was a total surprise for both of us! He did not plan this, but the ides of me leaving soon was something that he did not want to face, and me neither.

The proposal was so unexpected and unorganized, but perfect. We were camping at Death Valley, looking at the starry night in the desert, just us.

After the excitement, we went back to Connecticut and we heard about a virus that was spreading all over the world. 

We realized that if I traveled home and organized a wedding this could take so much time and uncertainty with this situation going on.

We found the best solution. On May 20th 2020, We got married, just us, on a beach in Hawaii (POST). 

This was actually what we both wanted, neither of us was excited with the idea of a big wedding and we got both, wedding and a honey moon in one!

We came back to Connecticut, and I am here living with my love.


I love you Tom.

You are my favorite destination among all my adventures.

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