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Slow travel brings you back to the real meaning of traveling.

What is Slow Travel?


It is a trend movement in which the traveler engages in authentic experiences over the amount of experiences. It means to calm down and get to know the place, the landscape, the culture, the language, the traditions, the way of life, the gastronomy and products.

The Instagram effect and the accessibility to travel, has made us all more ‘competitive’ in our travels.

Seeing travel as a way to keep up with trends can stop you from experiencing the true benefits of getting out in the world.

Forget about your to-do lists and Instagram-worthy photo and simply embrace what the local community has to offer.

I used to think that the more the better; and do not misunderstand me, I still want to visit the whole world, but not as a competition, not because it is a 'checked' on the map.

I have come to realize that it is not about how much I see, but how much I really see.


I've already talked about the slow food movement on my Slow living post. It originated in Italy in 1986 and aimed to preserve regional cuisine. 

Different industry, same concept. Slow living is a mindset and can be extended to all the aspects of your life.

What are the benefits of slow travel?

- You’ll enjoy a more rewarding experience by enjoying a deeper connection to the place you’re visiting. 


- You’ll find hidden gems that are missed by most other tourists. 

- You'll connect with people -some of my best friends have come from my long travels.

- You'll save time and energy if you don't move so fast, and therefore enjoy.

-  You’ll feel more accomplished. You’ll learn so much more about yourself and what you can achieve.

How to approach a slow travel?

Ideally you will spend more time at the place you are going to, but It does not necessarily mean a long trip. Instead of moving a lot while traveling, spend the time you need to enjoy and understand what your are visiting.

  • Get off the beaten paths 

  • Do not plan so much. I make a list of places I want to see but without a schedule, leaving the door open to new places to discover on the way.

  • Enjoy activities in nature 

  • Eat local

  • Stay local -Apartments, couchsurfing, etc.

  • Buy local

  • Road trip -This is my personal favorite way to slow travel.

During the pandemic, this movement has been a bit enforced to you. You have probably discovered so many places around you. Now, as the world begins to open back up, many providers are seeking to preserve those benefits by embracing the growing ethos of slow travel.

What do you think? Does this make sense to you? Does it suit you? Does it make you rethink about the way you travel?

Let me know in the comments below, let's discuss about it!

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