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Romantic Plans in NYC

You do not need to do much to create a romantic ambiance in New York city because the city itself is so romantic! But I am going to share here with you some of the romantic plans that I have had with my love.

A Winter Cabin 

This rooftop at pier 17, Seaport, gives you the opportunity to experience a winter cabin getaway in the city. The Greens is quite the experience.

You get a whole cabin for your group with a heater, beautiful decorations and a view.

You need to reserve in advance and pay $50 per cabin plus what you expend in there,

Reserve here

COVID-19 :To keep everyone safe you order your food through their page and they deliver it at your door.

The Greens redecorate every season. For instance, last summer they had individual mini gardens for you to dine and drink in. Can not wait to see what they are coming up with this next season!

DSC_2154 (2).jpg
New Year's Eve in the City

There are many ways to celebrate the new year coming, not only at Times Square.

We ended 2019 having a beautiful dinner at EXCUSE MY FRENCH on the lower east side.

The wallpaper is green and gold, there are still life paintings on the walls in gold frames. The menu is a selection of French-inspired bar food, which naturally means some meat and cheese on baguettes, but also a lot more.

We really enjoyed the place, the food, and the bartenders were so nice.

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan's skyline is magical. Prepare a picnic and pick a point next to the Brooklyn's side of the Hudson river,  enjoy a sunset and how the lights show up in front of your eyes.

Sunset at Seaport

The view of the Brooklyn Bridge from Seaport at sunset is something indescribable.

You get to see the sun setting-to the west- and when you turn around the bridge is turning into these orange-pinky colors and everyone is still, on the bridge, looking at the sunset,

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