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Rainy Postcards  from a 


We wake up on Saturday to discovered the weather forecast was right, it is raining and it is cold.


We are headed to Providence -the largest city in the smallest state- to spend a few hours and enjoy this capital.

Providence is one of the oldest cities in The States, founded in 1636 it features great historical and modern places to explore.

We started visiting a modern-retro restaurant , Ogie's Trailer Park. A trailer park-themed bar with a 50's decor.  Ogie's is an American-style restaurant and bar, park-inspired decor serving American food & cocktails. Vegan and gluten-free options are available and I absolutely loved the homemade Vegan Burger, made out of sweet potato and beans.

Ogie's Trailer Park
Benefit St

After a good meal and an awesome michelada -oh I love michelada! we grab our umbrella and go to Benefit St.

The East side of Providence is home to Brown University. In the College Hill neighborhood, you will find some of the oldest architecture in the city. Benefit Street, also known as the Mile of History, contains one of the highest concentrations of colonial homes in the country.

Located at this street is the Providence Athenaeum a spot for all literary lovers lucky enough to have made their way through its doors - right now is open only for members. This independent library is almost 200 years old and features some incredible collections and rare editions.


After enjoying a walk among all the beauty in Benefit St, we go Downtown to see the oldest indoor mall in The States.

Built in 1828, The Arcade features unique retail stores and restaurants on the first floor and also now it has micro-lofts available for purchase on the upper floors.

The Arcade
Knead doughnuts

We were told about two places to buy gourmet doughnuts. PV Donuts and Knead Doughnuts.

Both were closed on Saturday when we arrived but we were able to to try Knead Doughnuts on Monday before coming back home.

What I liked the best about this place is that they have vegan options, and the piña colada vegan doughnut was delicious!

Tom loved the strawberry frittata.


Pomham Rocks Lighthouse celebrates 150 years on the rocks!!!

The historic lighthouse in the Providence River ,about 200 yards off the shoreline, was established in 1871.

The only way to get there is by boat, but you can see it from the shore. There is a problem though, I have no idea how to access to the public place to see it !!! 

We followed google maps's instructions and it took us to a private residence area. Since we were already there and there were many spots to park we parked and accessed the bike path, where you are supposed to be at. However , I do not recommend it because there were so many signs telling you not to. 

It might be a better way to get to the bike path without trespassing. The view was worth the risk though.


We are going to be staying for the next 2 days in Little Compton a super small town in Newport's County and a hidden gem!

This is the kind of place I love discovering, a small but super cute verdant area that leads you where the time stops and the clean ocean breeze is the only thing that you can hear.

I love the fact that this area hasn’t been developed that much; local stores, happy dogs and smiley neighbors is all you can find.

Our Airbnb is located close to the coast, and despite of the rain we hear the waves. The place couldn’t be any cuter.

This is a place to embrace the slow.


Only 15 minutes away from Little Compton is located Tiverton, one of those quaint New England's villages that I love so much.

This is such an historical and charm town featuring local stores and plenty of art.

We had an awesome Lobster roll at Four Corners Grille

My absolute favorite place in Tiverton was Groundswell.

Groundswell is a local business, a cafe+bakery and a home+garden store.

The cafe is located in a 1870s landmark building that housed a sandwich shop called the Provender for almost 40 years.

Now, it houses a Parisian-style cafe and bakery.

I approach this beautiful building to look through a window and discover blue velvet drapes and orchids, I don’t need anything else to go inside.

When you open the door the smell of locally roasted coffee and the beauty surround you.

The pastries and the vibe tell you to sit down and never leave, but you have to! And you better cross the street an visit their home-garden store. 

The store features kitchen accessories, soaps, pottery, goods and all kind of things for home and garden that you’ll never find at any mall. 

I wanted to buy everything , but I am very hard on myself when it comes to spend unnecessary money, so I treated myself with a 'Fairytale grapefruit' jam! 


I've been twice to Watch Hill and it always feels like a secret. A spot where only the locals and the customers of the luxury Ocean House hotel, visit. And I love it!

It is full of pristine beaches, unique local flavors and tons of local shops. 

Located on a peninsula that is almost surrounded by ocean making you feel as though you are on an island. 

The first thing you see is The Ocean House hotel— the last of the Victorian waterfront hotels—a 5 starts hotel for those who want all that New England can offer off the beaten path. Located on a hill leading to the white sand beach next to Taylor's Swift house. To your right you'll see the Watch Hill Lighthouse.

To spend a night is very expensive but if you want to experience the place you can make a reservation for dining.

All the area surrounding the hotel features spectacular colonial-style houses.


We had lunch at  Ten Sandwiches. A cute little sandwich shop right near the Yacht Club.  An organic menu, locally grown.

I had the hummus and a famous Del's frozen lemonade. In case you do not know it, Del's is a frozen lemonade, local to Rhode Island. it's RI's iconic taste of summer!

After our delicious lunch we went to my favorite place in Watch Hill, Napatree.

Napatree Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand located at the end of the peninsula that also happens to be a gorgeous conservation area.

Climb up the dunes to reach the beach, you'll have a full view of the sand's stretch, the Yacht Club, the hotel, the lighthouse...

I would say this is my favorite beach in Rhode Island.


Time to go back home, see you soon Little Rhody (RI)

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