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Before my trip to Washington I said on IG that I usually pin on the map the places I'd like to visit. I do not do this exclusively to a place that I am gonna travel to, but everywhere in the world! Every time that I see a place I find interesting I pin it on my map and I will have it there if some day I have the opportunity to travel to the place.

I find it so helpful to have a list of places on the map at hand when already traveling.

Before I leave on a trip, I create a custom travel map so I can keep track of my hotel, sights I want to see, restaurants, and more. That way I can see where everything is, see what places are close to each other, and have directions and notes right at my fingertips.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to make one.

  1. Create your google account if you do not have one already

  2. You can either create a list or a map

  3. To create a map, open google maps and go to 'my maps' once you are inside go to the options and create a new map -e.g Washington.

  4. Use the search bar at the top to start adding locations to your map. Every time you have a location to add, simply look for it and click 'add' and add it on the previous created list.

  5. You'll have the option to select an icon -e.g. if the place you're adding is a beach you can select the beach icon- add photos, videos, notes etc. Make it your own!

  6. Name your map and all these places will appear on your map when you open it!

I hope this super simple tip can help you on your future trips!


Antes de mi viaje a Washington, dije en IG que por lo general anoto en el mapa los lugares que me gustaría visi