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ENG Under the icy land of Iceland there is a large magmatic caldera, and in its territory are the Eurasian and North American plates. This results in a 'hot spot' that creates a geothermal activity that is well used by Icelanders to heat their homes and, from time to time, take a dip in the natural pools. P.S. Almost 85% of the island's energy comes from renewable energy.

Its land is volcanic and there is a distinct lack of vegetation, so much so that they try, without much success, to grow forests. There is a famous joke in Iceland that says 'If you get lost in the forest, stand up'

Its landscape is dramatic like none, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls among others that give you a feeling of being on another planet.

It has a reputation for being cold, and although it is chilly, in the summer the ice melts to let you appreciate the deserts of lava in all its splendor. But calm, if you want to see ice, the big glaciers, for now, are still there.

What do you need to know before going to Iceland?

  • If you go in summer you will have many hours of sun, if you go in winter many hours of moon, ideal to pursue auroras.

  • Am I going to understand the Icelanders? Calm down, their official language is Icelandic, there is no one who understands it though, but they all speak English.

  • Can I drink tap water? Icelandic water is one of the best in the world, channeled directly from the glaciers. Do not even think about drinking the hot one that also is channeled containing a high percentage of sulfur and that stinks of rotten egg!

  • What currency do they use? The Icelandic Krona.

  • What do the Icelanders believe? If the question is religious, most are Lutherans, However, they also believe in mythological beings! Nature is very important in their culture as a consequence of the belief in 'hidden people'. The hidden people are elves, goblins, fairies and other magical creatures that inhabit lakes, valleys and mountains. It is a conversation topic that you must have with an Icelandic.

Do you want to know how my trip was?

Before going to the point, I give you a brief summary of how the story of my trip to the island begins.

It was something improvised, I was in Ireland visiting my friend Estefanía when the idea that it was a good time to travel to Iceland came to me. I opened my Couchsurfing application and looked for people who traveled to Iceland in those days, and I found Janine and her plan that was perfect to me. An 8 days roadtrip around Iceland with 3 more girls! International team!

I contacted her and as soon as she confirmed the free spot, I bought a pair of boots, my ticket, a coat and 5 days later I went to Iceland!