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  • ENG The called Emerald Island, due to its 40 types of greens, is divided between the Republic of Ireland and * Northern Ireland (United Kingdom).

* (lived a great armed conflict during the second half of the 20th century.

The protestant population, majority in the north, was in favor to conserve its bows with the United Kingdom and the catholic wishing independence or union to the Republic. After many years of an undeclared war but existing, both reached an agreement in 1998.

Today this conflict is appeased, but remains alive in the eyes of the viewer and from time to time becomes real before the eyes of his neighbors.)

I have not been able to discover this country in depth yet, but I hope to do it soon. Meanwhile I´ll show you the coastal Road Trip we have made from Dublin to the north, going down the west and crossing the island back to Dublin.

Facts you need to know before starting the trip:

  • What does Hiya mean?

Do not be scared when you heard people greeting with a fairly loud tone, Hiya! or Heya as it sounds, It is just the way to say Hello.

  • What are Leprechauns?

The Irish believed in mythological beings such as fairies, many of them still believe.

These creatures that inhabit the Emerald Island are goblins dressed in green, with a big hat, and with red hair and beard.

It is said that they dedicate themselves to making or fixing shoes and saving up!.

They are extremely greedy, so be careful if you find one!

  • What do I do on a rainy day? (there are many)

Drink beer, national sport.

  • Ireland´s patron saint?

San Patricio, yes that party that surely you know because you have seen people dressed in gree