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Are you ready to discover Chile, weón?

What does 'weón' mean?

If you travel to Chile you´ll discover Chileans speak Spanish but their own Spanish! so If you don´t speak Spanish or even if you do, good luck!

Weón is the most famous word and it can be used as insult: idiot,moron or as mate, dude.

Chile is divided into 16 regions.

The first leg of the trip was 'Región Metropolitana' to 'Magallanes y la Antártida Chilena'

passing through Argentina by the route 40.


Then, we flew to San Pedro de Atacama -The actual flight is to Calama, then we reach San Pedro by bus- and Iquique.


At the end of the trip we enjoyed Valparaíso, Viña del Mar y Santiago de Chile.

Discover each leg of the trip following this post! ( Scroll down )


¿Estás listo para descubrir Chile, weón?

¿Qué significa 'weón'?