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Maine is located in New England and it is the northeasternmost state.

This is one of my favorite states in New England because of its rocky coastline, picturesque waterways, quaint little towns and great number of lighthouses.

If you like outdoors you are gonna love Maine, and if you don't, you will too! Maine isn't only about gorgeous nature but as well about a vibrant Portland with a lot of indoors activities and small little towns with boutiques, cafes, breweries and more.

I visited Maine for the first time last summer, but it was just a couple of days and did not have much time to really enjoy it.

I have been so excited about this 5 day road trip, to see Maine during off season, with less tourists and more time.

I hope I can keep on visiting more places in this beautiful state and sharing them with you. Until then, Here a list of places we visited during these 5 days in Southern Maine.

Let's go on a Road trip!



Portland’s name comes from the old English word Portlanda, which means “land surrounded by a harbor”.

Despite of how popular the city is, this isn't the capital.

Portland offers quite a bit for such a small city! My favorite area is the old port, a quaint historic district with cobblestone streets, brick buildings, charming boutiques and fishing piers.

Very well known for its breweries and food, it’s also well-known for its coastal views, with iconic lighthouses.

It is visited mostly during the warmer months because winter can be very cold. But if you can handle the cold and accept that not everything is gonna be open around the touristic areas you would definitely love it! 

The lack of tourists give you all the solitude to enjoy the coast and the city has a slower rhythm. 

We were so lucky and visited the city on a snowy day.

You shouldn't miss:

Tasting beers at one of the multiple breweries

A food tour

The Old Port

Unique boutiques

The Pier and its bars over the water

Btw, Stephen King lovers, he was born here in Portland!


Eat a Holy Donut! Created with real Maine potatoes mixed with wheat flour, the donuts are made fresh with all-natural ingredients and they have vegan and GF options.

All of them are delicious but my personal favorite is the vegan pomegranate.


Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse was built in 1897 to warn mariners of a dangerous ledge in Portland Harbor. The light resembles a giant spark plug, sitting at the end of a granite breakwater in South Portland. 

It is the perfect place for a walk looking at the harbor, Portland and the islands around.


Cape Elizabeth

Within Cape Elizabeth there are numerous state and local parks, beaches, trails and lighthouses.  

Portland Head Light sits beautifully in the Fort Williams Park. Completed in 1791, the lighthouse proudly holds the title of the oldest lighthouse in Maine.

I love how iconic and historic the lighthouse in Maine is and looks.

We spent the whole afternoon walking around the craggy rocks that form a natural border with the waters of the Atlantic.


Two Lights State Park is set on a rocky shoreline and is named for the twin lighthouses nearby. This is a great place for lunch or for exploring the rocks rising from the crashing surf.

This small antiques store, at the entrance of the park, has closed due to the covid but I had the opportunity to talk to the current owner who explained to me he will open again once the situation gets better. He was working on the place where ha has family heirlooms dating back over 50 years.


Famous Lobster roll I am not a big fan of seafood but this is something that you must try! Simply made with fresh chunks of lobster meat, melted butter (and/or mayonnaise) served on a top-split New England hot dog roll.

They are a bit pricy but you are getting fresh lobster! -The price changes based on the market, we paid $20 per lobster roll.

You can get them almost everywhere, however one of the most famous places is The Lobster Shack located at Two Lights SP.

Old Orchard Beach

This is a famous destination for both Americans and Canadians. During summer time every Thursday you can see the fireworks, and the best place to see them is from the pier.

First built in 1898, the Pier once was more than 1,800 feet long. It hosted restaurants, shops and even a casino where Frank Sinatra once sang. Storms eventually broke down the old Pier; and they built the new, shorter, one that also includes places to eat, drink and shop.

The beach is seven miles long. When the tide is out and the sun is shining, the sand goes on forever.

All this setting plus the amusement Park right behind the beach gives you the feeling of a California beach.

Visiting during this time of this year was so special, the town was empty and the sunrises from the beach are amazing.




33 degrees

6;30 am


During the time when George H. W. Bush was president, from 1988 to 1992, Kennebunkport became a household name. It was known as the Summer White House.

But Kennebunkport is so much more than just the summer home of the Bush family -- it’s one of Maine’s most fantastic ocean communities.

This town is super cute any time of the year but I especially loved our visit during Christmastime! The Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude is one of the biggest events, we were some days early and could not see it-it was canceled- but there’s lots of additional things to do around Christmastime that are unique to December.

This is a quint New England town and a perfect place to walk and shop at little local general stores and boutiques.

Especially famous among wealthy families, due to all the mansions along the coast, but visited by everyone.

Get yourself a gingerbread coffee at Mornings in Paris and...

Do some shopping!


Local Breweries 


Dock Square  



The name Ogunquit, in the language of the Algonquin Indians, literally means "Beautiful Place by The Sea". Miles of sandy beaches and a scenic coast make me think this name couldn't be any more perfect.

,Art galleries, great shopping and dining, Ogunquit consistently ranks as one of the best vacation spots on the Southern Maine Coast. 

You can't miss a walk through Marginal Way a narrow walk by the ocean with unbelievable views of Ogunquit beach and the rocky coast.


Enjoy shopping here because there are boutiques like this one that are unique.

Yes! this is not a church but a store!

Nubble Lighthouse

In my opinion one of the most iconic of all New England's Lighthouses.

Located 100 feet offshore in York, visitants are not allowed out to the island where the lighthouse sits, but Sohier Park is a lovely place to visit and observe its beauty. The place is home to a gift shop, open only during the warmer months of the year.

Walk down on the rocks where the waves crash, to have the best view.


back home! see you soon Maine

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