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Coffee, ice cream and dining at Bantam. The quaint small town is home to three different outposts of Arethusa farm. For ice cream enthusiasts, Arethusa farm Dairy, for breakfast and lunch Arethusa al Mano and for fresh cuisine Arethusa al Tavolo. You will as well find some of the best local roasted coffee shops like Krafted brew lab.

New Preston is a little piece of heaven. This is such a small town which you'll never want to leave. 

The boutiques located within the town are the definition of style and good taste. The waterfalls hidden behind the stores give the town even more beauty than it already has.

My perfect Sunday in New Preston would be: Brunch at The White Horse -2 minutes away from the town- admire the waterfalls, visit the stores and go for a walk up hill to discover fairytale style houses and corners.


Topsmead State park is one of my favorites places to visit any season, bur especially, summer time.

From the parking lot, a long driveway lined with apple trees brings you to the english cottage that appears like a castle rising up from behind the trees. The cottage is surrounded with flower gardens. The meadows are left long until a late haying in mid-July, which allows habitat for birds of the meadow. Paths are mowed through the fields for easy access to the trails that circle the 514 acre property, and lead to the wildlife viewing area on the south side of the park. 


White Memorial Foundation is a 4000 acres outdoor recreation area perfect for long walks, picnics, biking, kayaking and more.

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