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The Capital of the Republic is stimulating, culturally rich and won't disappoint the beer lovers.

You can not come to this city and forget going from bar to bar listening to live music and asking for a pint of Guinness, or two.


By the way, the Irish enjoy an early party that ends at two in the morning so hurry up if you do not want to get to the bars and find them all wasted.

The center of the city is relatively small and you can cross it in a short time.


April 2019


My first morning in Dublin is a pleasant surprise, because the sun joins me, which as you know is not very common.

I pass under the Arch of Fusilier and enter the leafy urban park of St. Stephen's green to enjoy my coffee and this wonderful green lung in the middle of the city. After enjoying this little getaway I set out to wander the streets.

The lively downtown life happens around the Grafton St and the nearby labyrinth of streets. Here the greatest activity is concentrated.

Do not forget to visit the statue of Molly Malone, protagonist of the unofficial anthem of Dublin, which you can listen to at any bar in the area. Tells the story of a woman who sold to the shout of 'live mussels and cockles'! Through the streets of Dublin and it was famous for its majestic breasts.

Touch the breasts of the statue to have good luck!


Although I am not a big fan of shopping centers, it is worth visiting the Stephen`s green, its glass interior and large clock that will remind you that it is time to eat!

There are many gastronomic options in the city, although not exactly cheap.

For lovers of lamb, one of the typical dishes is the Irish stew.


In the afternoon it's time for a bit of history. Despite the fame of St. Patrick's Cathedral I have enjoyed the Christ Church more.

A good route to follow behind the cathedrals is through the City Hall and Dublin Castle, from which you will have beautiful views from the Dubh Linn Park.


As expected, we ended up at the Temple bar listening to live music and drinking Guinness.

Clarify that the Temple bar is not just a bar, but a neighborhood of cobbled streets near the river full of pubs to enjoy music and alcohol


After enjoying a road trip for 4 days we are back in Dublin.

These days will be more quiet, I have work to do, so now I will recommend places to visit or do in Dublin instead of decribirte my days.


1. Visit the coastal district of Dún Laoghaire, south of Dublin, popular for walks, enjoying its market on Sundays and going to Fourty foot, a pub that is filled with young and not so young to enjoy your pint for less than € 4, so hard to find in the city.


2. Returning to the city, you should visit the library of Trinity College, which will leave your eyes fascinated watching old books, the interior architecture and the history that surrounds it.

3. Something I strongly recommend is to walk through the streets and admire the doors, yes, you have read correctly, the doors.

Each door is unique and colorful.

Legend says that one day a man came home drunk and found his wife with another man in bed and killed them both, the next day when he woke up he realized that it was not his house but his neighbor's! That day he decided to paint the door of his house so as not to get confused considering that they were all the same.

From that day the doors of the houses are unique and colorful.

4. If you are a romantic like I am, there is a well hidden alley but close to the temple bar, known as the 'love lane'. Look for it on Essex Street and read all your messages.


5. Visit the 'Café en Seine', which doesn't have much coffee and invites you to have a drink, it is worth visiting at least. It has different rooms, all of them beautiful but my favorite is the 'outside' that really is inside but pretends to be in a Parisian pedestrian street. Ideal for a typical rainy day in Dublin

6.'THE CHURCH 'was a 17th century church that was transformed into a café, bar and restaurant. It maintains the architecture of a church and it's cool!

Fun fact about this place, Arthur Guinness, yes, the creator of the Guinness beer, he got married in this church in 1761.

7. If you have more time and want to get away from the city, a good option that you can get to by train is Dalkey, south of Dublin. It is a coastal neighborhood that serves as a residence for celebrities, with this information you will get an idea of ​​the place, full of mansions, gardens and beautiful views of the sea. Do not miss going to have a pint at Finnegan's bar, where you may find Bono (U2) ...

And last, but not least, Enjoy the city and its life! Every afternoon after work the bars are filled with people, join them!

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