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Coastal Connecticut


Connecticut's shoreline isn't the most famous one in New England, but I am going to show you some beautiful spots in New London County we visited last Saturday and you will love them.



One of my favorite towns in the Connecticut's coast is Mystic. I visit this little village multiple times per year and I always enjoy it.

Located in Southeast Connecticut,  Mystic is full of history and a quaint downtown on the Mystic River.

It used to be a hub for ship-building and you can find a replica of the Mayflower ship and the Mystic Seaport Museum that I have to visit some time soon.

Before entering the small downtown you will see a bridge. The drawbridge is unique because all its mechanical parts are exposed, so it’s truly fascinating to watch in action. 


If you know me a bit you know that I do not like shopping so much, but when it comes to these little cute local stores, my heart melts.


The Spice & Tea Exchange is located right in front of the Drawbridge and next to Drawbridge Ice Cream.

The teas and spices are amazing, but these are not the only things they sell here. The salt and sugar selection is incredible. I always get some pink salt that I love so much on my avo-toasts.

When you enter the store the smell is like heaven and you cannot leave it without buying for you, your family and friends. 


Mystic Pizza become famous because of the movie called after the restaurant -featuring Julia Roberts.

Mystic Pizza caught the eye of screenwriter Amy Jones, who was summering the area. Ms. Jones chose Mystic Pizza as the focus and setting for her story of the lives and loves of three young waitresses. The movie was filmed all over Mystic and Stonington

After walking the downtown we take a short drive to Olde Mistick Village, a collection of specialty shops and restaurants.

But I came here to visit two places: Alice in the Village and Deviant Donuts.

Alice in the Village

Alice in the Village


Welcome to the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland!

Have you ever experienced a theme tea room? I cannot describe how happy this place makes you feel if you are a fan of Alice.


The first thing that I noticed when I entered the door was the distinguished 'Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole' hanging from the ceiling.


There is a gift shop with books, teacups, cards, toys, and other Alice's gifts.


To sit in the tea room and have a tea party you have to reserve weeks ahead. Since we couldn't have a tea party we bought a bubble tea -sweet and magical as the place- and macaroons to take away.


Our second stop at the Olde Mistick Village is Deviant Donuts

Famous for their small batch gourmet donuts. The line to wait and get to eat one of their donuts is worth it the wait.

I order a delicious GF honey lavender donut.

Deviant Donuts

Deviant Donuts


Last time we came to Mystic we visited a bit of the Mason's Island and this time we wanted to see a bit more.

The Mason's island is an inhabited island at the mouth of the Mystic River, in Stonington. The island was named after Major John Mason who was granted the island in recognition for his military services in the 1637 Pequot War.

Most of the island is owned by the Mason's Island Company and regulated by property deeds under the Mason's Island Property Owners Association.

There is a road that connects the island to the mainland.

Since the island is so small and most of it is built there are so many roads that you cannot drive but we drove to Enders Island-connected by a small road from Mason's island.

Enders Island is an 11-acre island and the site of St. Edmund's Retreat, an independently owned and operated Catholic Retreat Center. The ministry of Enders Island is dedicated to the work of spiritual care, recovery, and education in fine arts.

This was a great discovery, the place is so beautiful and calm. All the trees and flowers aren't still totally bloomed so I cannot imagine how beautiful this place must be during summer time.

Enders Island

Enders Island


After this relaxing walk we drive to Stonington Point.

I loved this place. 

Stonington Point offers panoramic views; You can see three states: Connecticut, Rhode Island and Fishers Island, New York.

The sandy island to your left is simply amazing to see and such a cool plan to spend the day if you have a boat.

Before you reach the road end, where there is a parking, you will see the Lighthouse museum which is under construction.

Stonington Point


Stonington Point


Our last visit today is to a place that I had have on my bucket list for a while, 

The Branford House Mansion is a historic mansion and wedding venue on the Avery Point Campus of the University of Connecticut in Groton.

Built in 1902, with the intention to shine the high society of Newport. A 31-room mansion of stone which he used as a summer cottage.

The Branford house

The Branford House


The Avery Point is such a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon. 

After wondering around the mansion we went to checked out the lighthouse and the views to the ocean and the coast.

There is a perfect green area to have a beautiful picnic with the sunset.


Coastal Connecticut charm

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