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catching summer in block island

We woke up very early on Sunday morning to hit the road and reach Rhode Island, where a ferry departures almost every hour to Block Island.

On any given summer day, ferries arrive in two harbors from 4 states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut

-we decided to take the ferry from Point Judith, RI because it was way cheaper than the one from Connecticut, and only a 40min extra drive.

I highly recommend getting the tickets on advance online, especially when you're going with your car. We were lucky because we did not plan anything and bought 2 people tickets at the window, $39 round-trip for both of us.

We snagged to the deck to sail for 45 minutes with the view of the coast, the waves and the coming island.

This ferry arrives to the old harbor located at the smallest town in the smallest state, New Shoreham, the hub of the island.

The first thing I noticed from the ferry is the old styled victorian Block Island Beach House. This 19th century building represents  "The architecture of the American summer" and it is the only beachfront hotel.


The Surf Shack, located within the hotel, is a perfect spot to have a lunch with a view. 

The cold Coronas, the lobster roll and the beach gave me all the New Englander summer vibes.


After our lovely meal we take some steps down the beach to take a dip in the ocean and spend a few a hours relaxing with the sound of the waves, the view of the crystal water and the warm sun.


Now,  feeling refreshed, we walk a bit around to discover adorable houses,

The best way to explore the island is by bike or moped, and there are many places to rent them per hours or day. We have our own bikes and we'll bring them another day to explore more, but today we just walk around.

How I said before, the town is very small but it offers plenty to do and see. Shops, ice creams, restaurants, cute inns, and bikes/mopeds everywhere!

We end our day having a cocktail at Ballard's. Just steps from the ferry landing in Old Harbor, this is a private beach complete with lounge chair and umbrella rentals, tiki bars, beach volleyball, daily live music, and waitress service so you can dine and drink without ever leaving your spot in the sand.

Before getting our 7pm ferry back to the mainland we take a walk along the Old Harbor. We'll be back soon!

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