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A warm summer Saturday morning we woke up craving brunch. We drove to The Berkshires,MA, with the hope of finding a cafe I heard of before but didn’t know much about.

The restaurant is named after its local geographical coordinates — Pleasant and Main streets- in a quiet village, not a place that you accidentally trip over.

When I crossed the door all I saw was a perfect beautiful mess. This place is not only a restaurant/cafe but an antique store, antiques that have been collected for years by its owner, Craig Bero.

After being seated outside at the most adorable corner, we were served with coffee and croissants companied by butter and the most delicious homemade jam. Additionally a crepe filled with cream and covered by berries was brought to us as a courtesy due to a short wait, to be followed by our choices.

Tom ordered an open face Croissant filled with scrambled eggs, country ham, gruyere, mixed greens and breakfast potatoes, I asked for the seasonal fruit pancakes with local maple syrup, the berries were out of this world and the pancakes light and flavorful. Everything tasted homey, fresh and delicious.

This place feels authentic, the food is all locally and freshly collected, the decoration is all vintage and beautifully displayed, and its owner is all about hospitality.

We had the opportunity of talking to him for a bit and to get to know that Craig came to The Berkshires after many years of restaurant experience in Greenwich Village, but now he is happy here serving the Housatonic community.

We ate very good, we were served by the sweetest owner and staff and enjoyed taking pictures around and bringing a beautiful  Cape Cod glass home with me.

This is definitely a place to visit at least once, however we will visit again.

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